Willingham Combined Charity provides housing for those in need with accommodation in the Josiah Smith Memorial Homes and a bungalow in Haden Way. We also have two sites which provide allotments, both as a service to the village and to support our charitable aims.

Josiah Smith Memorial Homes

Willingham Combined Charity is registered with the Charity Commission, number 1093138. It is governed by a scheme made on 9th June 2000.

The objects of the charity are:

  1. The provision of housing accommodation for persons (of whom 2 must be women) who are in need, hardship, or distress and have resided in the area of benefit (the Parish of Willingham in the County of Cambridgeshire) for not less than 2 years prior to their appointment;
  2. The provision of housing accommodation for women over the age of 60 who are in need, hardship and distress who were born in the area of benefit; and
  3. Such charitable purposes for the benefit of the residents as the trustees decide.

There are twelve trustees: one ex-officio trustee, 2 nominated trustees and 9 co-opted trustees.

The ex-officio trustee is the Rector of the ecclesiastical parish of St Mary and All Saints, Willingham.

The nominated trustees are appointed by Willingham Parish Council.

Co-opted trustees are appointed by the trustees themselves.

The trustees must meet at least twice each year.

The Annual Report and Accounts are published on the Charity Commission website which also maintains a full list of Trustees.

The Charity is a member of The Almshouse Association.